Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a logbook of teaching experiences, data and reflections to document the teacher’s good teaching practice (– and on this site teaching is understood broadly to also include supervision, assessment methods and - results, course evaluations, etc.).

A teaching portfolio is a teaching cv used in job applications, i.e. for associate professor. It is an individual document which can be constructed in many ways. A teaching portfolio is almost always constituted by elements which are the teacher's:

  • ideas about teaching and learning, sometimes called a teaching philosophy statement
  • shown by data about and some examples of the teacher’ teaching experiences, activities and teaching developments
  • a description of how the ideas are implemented in teaching practices
  • indication of what the teacher may want to develop further

These are the basic elements. Teaching portfolios may also include:

  • learning outcomes and grades
  • assessment experiences (forms of assessment, formative and summative, experiences of acting as an external examiner)
  • teaching evaluations
  • experiences from sitting on study boards and other educational committees
  • feedback from colleagues
  • courses, workshops, presentations on teaching and learning
  • own teaching materials
  • own publications on teaching and learning

Together these elements show a picture of the teachers’ competences in reasoning about teaching and learning, and the teacher’s teaching practices and teaching development.

If you google ‘teaching portfolio’ you get a huge amount of hits, and they really show how differently a teaching portfolio can be outlined.

Ideally all teachers should keep their teaching portfolio updated, both for the sake of their own recording of teaching experience and development of teaching, and for communication with colleagues, management etc.

You can read in more detail about teaching portfolio at DTU in English and in Danish.

Danish reference:
Dahl, Bettina & Krogh, Lone (2013): Undervisningsportefolio. I: Rienecker, Lotte, Stray Jørgensen, Peter, Dolin, Jens & Holten Ingerslev, Gitte: Universitetspædagogik, Frederiksberg, Samfundslitteratur, s. 445-455. 

6 JUNE 2020