Teaching Lab

What is Teaching Lab?

Teaching Lab is our introduction to Teaching & Learning in Engineering Education. During the course you will design and deliver a short teaching session, and you will give and receive feedback.
Our active learning approach means that you will work actively most of the time in groups, and on your own. We will give a couple of short talks, but there will be no actual lectures.


We expect you to prepare for the course by reading a few texts.
You will apply what you read actively in your individual and group work, so you must prepare and take notes with that in mind.
Preparation is expected to take a full day.
You will receive information about what to read approximately a week before the start of the course.


Important: The course is intensive, and you need to make sure to not have any other meetings, teaching obligations, etc. during the course.
In order to pass the course participants must be present at least 90% of the time (Allowed absence: 2,4 hrs = 2 hrs 24 mins).
We keep attendance continuously during the course. If there is a unexpected emergency, and you must leave, please let us know.

Who is the course for?

The course is mandatory for all ph.d. students at DTU.
Furthermore, the course is a prerequisite for participation in the teacher training programme, UDTU (mandatory for Assistant Professors).
You can read more about UDTU here


The course is four days + preparation (24 hrs./2,5 ECTS):

  • Day 1+2: 09:00-16:00
  • Day 3+4: 09:00-14:00

Preparation for the course is estimated to take approximately a full day (7-8 hrs).

Course fee

The course costs 5.500 Dkr.
When you register you must enter project number and task number. You get those from the administrator in your department.

Cancellation fee

If you have to cancel your participation in the course, you must let us know earlier than 14 days in advance - otherwise you must pay the full fee.


Educational developer
Kirsten From
DTU Learning Lab

Dates in 2023:

In 2023 you can register for the following dates:

  • 25-28 April - Register here (Fully booked - register for waiting list)
  • 23-26 May - Register here (Fully booked - register for waiting list)
  • 22-25 August - Register here (Fully booked - register for waiting list)
  • 26-29 September - Register here (Fully booked - register for wailing list)
  • 24-27 October - Register here (Fully booked - register for wailing list)
  • 21-24 November - Register here (Fully booked - register for wailing list)

Please note: Starting in August, all four days of the Teaching Lab course will take place face-to-face on Campus.

Dates in 2024:

You can register for the following dates in the Spring of 2024: