Supervision and facilitation of learning

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The content of the course

This course addresses the challenges of role of supervisor and of the TA:

  • Project (co)supervisor for Bachelor's projects and Master's theses
  • Teaching assistant (TA) in courses - we see this role as a form of supervision too

The following topics (and more) will be addressed:

  • Rules, learning objectives & responsibilities
  • Clarifying roles, expectations and boundaries
  • Dealing with students’ use of LLMs (e.g. ChatGPT)
  • Facilitating students’ learning, thinking and independence
  • Students’ contribution to research projects – pros, cons, and challenges
  • Collaboration between the PhD-student and their own supervisor or course responsible
  • Communication and awareness of diversity, inclusion, and culture


The course is 1 ECTS = 28 hours, including preparation.


Preparation for the course is necessary.
Registered participants will receive information about what to prepare before the course.

How to pass the course & attendance

In order to pass this course and receive the 1 ECTS, you must attend the full course and participate in all activities.

Make sure to cancel all other activities demanding your presence during the time of the course. 

If this is not possible, you must cancel your participation in the course and re-register for a later date. In order to avoid paying the cancellation fee you must cancel no later than 14 days before the course.

Who is this course for?

From Jan 1st, 2024, this course is mandatory for all PhD-students at DTU.


The following PhD-students do not have to complete this course:

  • PhD-students who have already completed Teaching Lab before Jan 1st, 2024
  • PhD-students who were previously exempt from taking the Teaching Lab course when it first became mandatory for all PhD-students
  • PhD-students who by Jan 1st, 2024, are in the last year of their PhD can be exempt from taking the course. It is up to their supervisor, department and/or PhD school to make this decision. By Jan 1st, 2025 – or, when the last of them have finished their PhD - this rule will expire

If these PhD-students want to take this course, they can.

Course fee

The course fee is 2.200 Dkr.

All participant must pay for the course - also PhD-students.

When you register, you must enter project number, task number and approver. You can obtain those from the relevant administrator, or perhaps your Head of Section. Departments are not all organised in the same way, so we can't tell you who has this knowledge. You may have to ask around.

if you're an industrial PhD-student - and your company handles your budget - we can send an invoice. Please send CVR/EAN number as well as name and e-mail of the relevant recipient to our course coordinator Rikke Byrsting Jacobsen,

Cancellation + cancellation fee

If you have to cancel your participation in the course, you must let us know earlier than 14 days in advance - otherwise you must pay the full fee.
If you wish to cancel, please contact course coordinator Rikke Byrsting Jakobsen,

This course is not in the course base

- but it does have a course number: 88550.
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Please read everything on this page thoroughly before contacting me - most of the information you need is here.

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PhD-students, please note:

  • You cannot register for this course through the course base. Please register below.
  • The course number is 88550

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