Ad hoc seminars and workshops

Constructive alignment dictates that one chooses final assessment of students, such that you mirror learning objectives and learning activities in the exam. Planning and executing a good exam is therefore vital in every didactical planning.

At the same time, there is an increasing pressure to improve and change the final assessment with limiting resources, without compromising the quality of the exam.  There may be increasing numbers of students, which makes the use of oral exams almost impossible.  As an examiner you may find that oral examinations, are not as objective, as you wish, or may consider using multiple-choice questions as part of the exam and you are in doubt whether this works on an acceptable level.

LearningLab offers assistance, if you wish to find out more about how to use assessments of your students in constructive ways, without necessarily compromising the quality and without using extra resources. It could be faculty meetings, study board meetings, meetings with Heads of program or other formats. We offer facilitation of smaller and bigger processes, seminars and workshops and will undertake supervision of teachers to support them in their planning and execution of exams.

For further information please contact our acting head of office Ulrik Bak Nielsen
6 JUNE 2020