UDTU Teaching Portfolio

Your UDTU Teaching Portfolio will

  • Present your teaching philosophy and its development over time.
  • Show how your ongoing observations and reflections, including student behaviour and feedback, inform the development of your teaching practice at DTU.
  • With reference to relevant literature, describe how you use evidence-informed approaches to enhance both student learning, your pedagogical knowledge-base and your teaching practice.
  • Demonstrate how collegial observation and pedagogical knowledge sharing and reflections influence the continued development of your teaching practice.

Teaching Portfolio defense:

The Teaching Portfolio defense is a conversation regarding the strengths and areas for improvement in your submitted portfolios.  The conversation will take place in clusters of 4-5 participants and will between you and your peers, facilitated by LearningLab and/or a pedagogical supervisor.

The programme:

  1. Short (5minute) presentation of own portfolio. This can be an oral presentation, perhaps supplemented by powerpoint slides and/or writing/drawing on whiteboard.
  2. Questions and feedback from peers (10 minutes).
  3. Wrap-up and feedback from LearningLab DTU (5 minutes).

Future dates for portfolio defense:

  • 14th June 2022 13.00-15.00

Sign up before 1st June here

  • 9th August 2022 10.00-12.00

Sign up before 6th July here

Shortly after the deadline for signing up, you will receive an email from learning lab with the details for how to submit your portfolio, location and final programme for the session. After this we will distribute the submitted portfolios so you have time to read and prepare feedback for the other participants in your cluster.