DTU Teaching seminars

DTU Seminars for Teaching and Learning

In cooperation with the deans, LearningLab DTU organises biannual teaching seminars for members of teaching committees, heads of studies, pedagogical consultants and other interested teachers at DTU.The seminars provide the setting for presentations and discussions related to practical teaching experiences, or to a general theme.

Teaching Seminar, Fall 2022:

From to do digital towards to be digital

The next DTU Teaching Seminar will take place on November 17th 2022 at 12-16 pm on DTU Lyngby Campus.
Digital technology transforms society, life, and engineering practice. In order to solve societal challenges, future engineers must be able leverage current and emerging digital technologies in interdisciplinary and distributed settings. Hence, DTUs students are expected to develop new digital competencies, from digital literacy and computational creativity to ability to conceive, design, implement and operate new solutions based on data and computing. Today, students are already considered digital natives, who often surpass their teachers’ digital competencies. Yet, our teaching practices are often locked to mastery of specific digital tools, rather than to create a digital mindset. We invite you to this autumn teaching seminar to explore this challenge collectively.

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