DTU Learn - Guides & Workflows

At learnsupport.dtu.dk you can get help getting started using DTU Learn, see the most frequently asked questions and see specific guides for special tools or workflows.

The Learnsupport site consists of four tabs containing introductory videos, workflows and guides, an FAQ and contact information for DTU Learns mail support.

The introductory videos are located under the Students tab, but they are relevant for and can be viewed by everyone at DTU.

If you are in the process of designing your course at DTU Learn, you can use the guides and workflows under the Teachers tab. Here you will find a detailed description of various workflows, e.g. how to create a quiz, forming student groups, activating the course and much more.

The third tab has a small collection of frequently asked questions, a so-called FAQ.

The last tab, Contact, is a direct contact to the DTU Learn related mail support.

Go to the DTU Learn support site here.

If you have any suggestions for changes and improvements, please write to this mail addres.