DTU-Learn-Tips & Tricks Workshop

This is an one hour workshop for experienced users. The purpose of the workshop is to show some useful tips and new features in DTU Learn.


The On-Line Session will combine small presentation from me and hands-on work from you. I will try to use examples from other DTU teachers and try to make the examples as applicable to your course as possible.



Dates and times
  • 22nd October at 12.00-13.00 - CANCELLED
  • 13th November at 12.00-13.00 - CANCELLED
Workshop leader

Morten Seberg, LearningLab DTU.

Max. number of participants

The Session will be cancelled in the event of fewer than 8 are enrolled.

For further information

Please contact Workshop Coordinator Rikke Byrsting, ribyr@dtu.dk, tel. 45 25 11 20 or Workshop Leader Morten Seberg, moseb@llab.dtu.dk, tel. 93 51 88 64.


20 OCTOBER 2020