Journals on general topics in Higher Education

Journals are listed in an alphabetical order. Please note that this list is not complete. A list of all journals listed on the SoTL website can be downloaded here.

English resources

Journal ISSN Online available
Impact factor*
(IF based on JCR2014)
(1 / 2)
Active Learning in Higher Education 1469-7874 yes (FT from 2000 ff) 1.004 1
American Educational Research Journal 0002-8312 yes (FT from1999, table of contents from 1964-1998) 2.157 2
European Journal of Higher Education

eISSN 2156-8243

yes(FT from 2011 ff) n/a 1
Higher Education Policy pISSN 0952-8733
yes (FT from 1988 ff) 0.596 1
Higher Education - The International Journal of Higher Education Research pISSN 0018-1560
eISSN 1573-174X
yes (FT from 1972 ff) 1.151 2
Higher Education Research & Development (Australian) 0729-4360 yes (FT from 1997 ff) 0.991 1
Innovations in Education and Teaching International (British) 1470-3297 yes (FT from 1997 ff) 0.384 2
International Journal of Academic Development 1360-144X yes (FT from 1997 ff) n/a 1
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (IJTLHE) 1812-9129 yes (FT from 2005 ff) n/a 2
Journal of Higher Education 0022-1546 yes (FT from 1930 ff) 1.164 2
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 1742-240X yes (OA journal) n/a 1
Quality in Higher Education 1353-8322 yes (FT from 1997 ff) n/a 1
Research in Higher Education pISSN 0361-0365
eISSN 1573-188X
yes (FT from 1973 ff) 1.160 2
Review of Higher Education pISSN 0162-5748
eISSN 1090-7009
yes (FT from 1996 ff) 1.023 2
Studies in Higher Education 0307-5079 yes (FT from 1976 ff) 1.038 2
Teaching in Higher Education 1356-2517 yes (FT from 1996 ff) 0.433 2
The Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching n/a yes (FT from 2008 ff) n/a n/a

For discipline-specific educational research journals please have a look here.

Danish and other Scandinavian resources

Journal ISSN Online available
Impact factor*
(IF based on JCR2014)
(1 / 2)
Dansk universitetspædagogisk tidsskrift 1901-5089 yes (open journal systems) n/a 1
Hoegre Utbildning (Swedish) 2000-7558 yes (open access,FT from 2011 ff) n/a 1
Tidsskriftet for læring og medier (LOM) 1903-248X yes n/a 1
Uniped (Norwegian) pISSN 1500-4538
eISSN 1893-8981
yes (FT from 1994 ff) n/a 1

For discipline-specific educational research journals please have a look here.

*Impact factor (IF): The impact factor of an academic journal is a measurement of the average number of citations to recent articles published in the same journal. Impact factors are used as a quick way of measuring the importance and impact of a scientific journal. The impact factor is very discipline dependent, and you cannot compare impact factors across different disciplines due to the speed with which papers get cited and used. The impact factors for journals have been calculated annually since 1975 and is now presented and indexed in the Journal Citation Reports by Thomson Reuters.

**BRI = Bibliometric research indicator (BRI) / Bibliometriske forskningsindikator (BFI):The Bibliometric Research Indicator is a method for calculating the performance based model for allocating base funding for the Danish universities. The Indicator is based on a list named “the authoritative list of series (conference series, book series and journals) and publishers”. The list is prepared and audited annually by more than 350 Danish researchers from 67 professional subject categories. The publications (conference series, book series and journals) are divided into two levels (level 2 and level 1). Level 1 contains 80%, and level 2 contains the 20% at the top level as perceived by leading researchers in the respective fields. 
You can read more about BFI at the the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education website here (in Danish only).
6 JUNE 2020