Frequently Asked Questions

Questions or concerns? Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below:
All teachers who wish to develop their teaching practice can sign up for UDTU. Furthermore it is a demand from DTU that you have completed UDTU (or similar) before you can be course responsible.

Remember, however, that you need permission from your pedagogical coordinator in order to sign up for UDTU.

You must be assigned to teach a course/segment of a course (minimum is three sessions) before signing up for UDTU. Furthermore, you should sign up for UDTU half a year in advance of running that course.
I.e. if you are teaching a course in the fall of 2024, you must sign up for UDTU beginning in the spring of 2024. Lastly, you should check that you can attend all facilitated sessions, as it is not possible to skip or swap dates once you are signed up.
If you are an experienced teacher who has already completed a course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and have several years of teaching experience, it is possible that you can skip the pre-requisite Teaching Lab course. You can evaluate if you can meet the learning objectives for Teaching Lab here

If you have wide-ranging experience with active teaching and learning methods, and have demonstrated these both theoretically and in practice, then it is also possible to be exempt from following UDTU. You will need to clarify this with your pedagogical supervisor.

No, you have to spend the first semester (re)designing the course, and the second semester running the course whilst collecting and evaluating data from the course.


Pedagogical coordinators and supervisors

(Updated Winter 2024)

 Department Pedagogical coordinator
Pedagogical supervisors
 Aqua  André Visser Einar Eg Nielsen*
André Visser*
Colin Stedmon*
 Biotech & Biomedicine  Mogens Kilstrup Malene Bonné Meyer
Mogens Kilstrup*
Lone Gram
 Biosustain Dina Petranovic Nielsen  
 Chemical engineering
Manuel Pinelo Manuel Pinelo*
Jakob Munkholt Christensen
 Chemistry Kristoffer Almdal

Susanne L. Mossin
Kristoffer Almdal
Esben Thormann
Sebastian Meier

 Compute Philip Bille Karsten Schmidt
Ole Christensen
Morten Mørup
Vedrana Andersen Dahl
Carsten Witt
Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
Kim Knudsen
Jens Sparsø
Poul Hjorth
Philip Bille*
Inge Li Gørtz
Steen Markvorsen
Allan Peter Engsig-Karup
 Construct Karen Pantleon 

Claus Thorp Hansen*
Marcel Somers 
Ann Bettina Richelsen*
Lasse Røngaard*
Aminul Islam*
Casper Schousboe Andreasen 

 Electro Lars Dittmann/Anders Clausen Jens Christian Andersen*
Samel Arslanagic
Tiberiu-Gabriel Zsurzsan*
Ole Ravn
Finn Agerkvist
Jesper Mørk
Lars Staalhagen*
Karsten Rottwitt*
Anders Clausen*
Henrik Wessing
Peter Tideman-Lichtenberg
Kresten Yvind
 Energy Ivano Eligio Castelli Luise Theil Kuhn*
Johan Hjelm*
Poul Norby*
Ivano Eligio Castelli
Engineering Technology
Hanne Løje  
Entrepreneurship Lars Alkærsig  
Food Lene Duedahl-Olesen
Marianne Uhre Jakobsen
Lene Duedahl-Olesen*
 Health Tech
Kaj-Åge Henneberg
Torsten Dau*
Niels Bent Larsen*
Martin Dufva*
Anja Boisen*
Kaj-Åge Henneberg
!!Rolf Henrik Berg*
Erik Vilain Thomsen*
Anders Kristensen
 Management Ugur Soytas Christine Ipsen
Allan Larsen*
Jeppe Rich
Stefan Eriksen Mabit*
Michael Zwicky Hauschild*
Henrik Klinge Jacobsen
 Nanolab Christian Danvad Damgaard
Christian Danvad Damgaard
 Offshore Simon Ivar Andersen
 Physics Carsten Knudsen Carsten Knudsen*
Peter Bøggild
Henrik Bruus*
Mads Brandbyge
 Space Sten Schmidl Søbjærg Peter Brauer*
Sten Schmidl Søbjærg*
Allan Hornstrup*
Lars Stenseng
 Sustain Steffen Foss Hansen Stefan Trapp
Barth F. Smets*
Anders Baun
Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen
Peter Bauer-Gottwein*
 Wind Jenni Rinker/Fabio Pierella

Fabio Pierella
Jenni Rinker 
Niels-Erik Clausen*
Joachim Holbøll
Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen
Bo Madsen 

* Certified. This person has completed the supervisor course at DTU Learning Lab

No, you cannot speed up UDTU. What we can do, is offer a special certificate that states which parts of UDTU you have completed.
You must provide information for who will cover the costs of your attendance at UDTU.
The estimated workload of the UDTU-programme is 250 hours.
The educational programme can be completed within one year.