The TA course

This course provides a general introduction to teaching, learning and supervision for Teaching Assistants at DTU, whether you will be working with group exercises, individual exercises, project assignments, lab exercises etc.

The course is mandatory for Teaching Assistants (TA's) who participate in supervision of students working with group exercises, individual exercises, project assignments, lab exercises etc. in DTU courses.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is for B.Eng., B.Sc., and M.Sc. students who are prospective TA's. The course is not intended for PhD students or Post docs.
PhD students and Post docs should take this course instead: Supervision and facilitation of learning


Aim and Learning Objectives

The overall aim of the course is to increase the participants’ abilities to support the students’ learning process during their work with exercises, assignments and projects.

After actively participating in the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the TA in relation to students’ learning and identity-building
  • Explain the concepts of learning and learning processes
  • Give constructive and concrete feedback to scaffold student’s learning
  • Choose and apply appropriate strategies to handle challenges that can occur in the work of a TA

Practical Information

The course consists of two separate days:

  • The first day is the Introduction day, which is an entire day from 9-14. The Introduction day consists of both presentations, activities and discussions. The Introduction day takes place near the beginning of the new semester (towards the end of January or August). It can be either online (via Zoom or MS Teams) or face-to-face on Lyngby Campus.
  • The second day of the course is the Follow-up meeting. This is a short meeting of two hours, which focuses on real-life experiences of the TAs. This meeting takes place approximately two and half months after the Introduction Day (in the beginning of April/November). It can be either online (via Zoom or MS Teams) or face-to-face on Lyngby Campus.

Please note, that the course is taught in English!

Diplomas for Completion and Salary

Every TA who completes the course will receive a diploma. Completion of the course includes active participation in both the Introduction day and the Follow-up meeting.

Each participant will receive five hours of salary for participation in the Introduction Day. After participating in the Follow-up Meeting, and receiving a diploma for completion of the course, participants are eligible for two further hours of salary.


Course responsible

Any questions regarding the course can be directed to:

Anna Augusta Fornø, e-mail:


Educational developer
Anna Augusta Fornø
DTU Learning Lab

Winter/Spring 2024

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Day 1


The Day 1 for Winter/Spring 2024 is over. The dates for the next TA course will be announced at a later time


Day 2: Follow-up-day

Please register for one of the following dates:

08.04.2024, 15-17: Online - Sign up here

10.04.2024, 14-16: DTU Lyngby Campus  - Sign up here