Evaluation of study programmes and teaching

The work commitments of LearningLab DTU within the area of evaluation is primarily development purposes and they are therefore varying.

  • LearningLab DTU follows the development within quality assurance of study programmes and teaching and suggests new methods and types of analysis, which can be used at DTU. This takes place e.g. in collaboration with the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs (AUS).
  • LearningLab DTU offers specific guidance about evaluation and quality assurance of teaching and courses at DTU.
  • LearningLab DTU conduct evaluations of first year courses, among these is the evaluation of the commencement of studies at DTU. . Based on results of these evaluations the Board of Studies initiate the relevant and necessary adjustments.
  • LearningLab DTU conduct internal evaluations of the study programmes of DTU in collaboration with the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs (AUS). The purpose of these activities is to contribute to the consecutive quality development of the study programmes.
  • LearningLab DTU provide teaching about evaluation methods and –tools with focus on how you as a teacher can integrate formative evaluation in the teaching and thereby generate consecutive feedback on the students learning.
  • LearningLab DTU participates in a working group about the development of a methodology for quality assurance of study programmes, teaching and learning. The working group consists of representatives from the universities of the Nordic Five Tech partnership.

For more information please contact one of our educational consultants.

6 JUNE 2020