UDTU enrollment

Enrollment in Teaching Lab

Enrollment in Teaching Lab is done separately. Please refer to information on prices and enrollment for Course 1.

Enrollment in UDTU 

Enrolment in the remainder of UDTU is done collectively via the menu below. It is mandatory that you have completed Teaching Lab before you enroll in the remainder of UDTU. 

When enrolling in UDTU you also commit yourself to work in the teams assigned to you. Transfer to another team happens in agreement with the person who is responsible for UDTU (contact information below) and only in special cases. Assistant Professors at DTU should contact their pedagogical coordinator before enrolling: Find your pedagogical coordinator here

Enrollment in the Elective Workshop

You can enroll in the elective workshops at any time. The workshops are open to all teachers with an interest in the workshop theme, also teachers who are not enrolled in UDTU.

Registration for Teaching Portfolio Defense

When you are ready to submit your teaching portfolio, you can find the dates for upcoming defense sessions and register on our Teaching Portfolio page.

Registration for Capstone Poster Event

When you have completed your Capstone Project you will present your results and experiences in a Capstone Poster Event. To register for a poster event, please use the link for the desired poster event date on the Capstone Poster Events page.

Please notice, that UDTU is taught in English.

Enrollment Fee

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Enroll in Teaching Lab (UDTU Course 1)

Enroll in UDTU 

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Further Information

If you want further information or have questions about recognition of previous teacher training courses please contact::