Seminars & Conferences

DTU Seminars for Teaching and Learning

In cooperation with the deans, LearningLab DTU organises biannual teaching seminars for members of teaching committees, heads of studies, pedagogical consultants and other interested teachers at DTU.The seminars provide the setting for presentations and discussions related to practical teaching experiences, or to a general theme.

Upcoming events: Teaching seminar: Forming Future Engineers In and Between Classrooms
The next Teaching Seminar will take place on the 19th of April 2022.

Engineering students are on their way to becoming engineers. This entails developing competences based on disciplinary knowledge and skills, but it also means developing a way of thinking and practicing, a particular way of approaching the world when one meets it. Engineering students not only develop their academic capacities – they develop as persons as well. This aspect of engineering studies happens in class and in-between classes, in the interaction with the social and physical environment. The keynote will address these ‘other’ sides of engineering education that relate to the formation of a future engineer – how they happen, and how we as teachers can approach them.

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