E-learning at DTU


Integrating e-learning in DTU’s courses is an explicit goal in DTU’s strategy of 2014-2019. In the fall of 2014 DTU ‘s board of directors has agreed upon a policy for e-learning,  as a framework for  the work with e-learning. This is reassessed every two years. The policy’s underlying basis is the many experiences from different e-learning initiatives at DTU. The policy is aiming to clarify the overall objectives and areas of priority, and thereby building the foundation for concrete priorities and plan of action for future efforts. Read more about the policy here.

E-Learning is seen as a natural part of the development of teaching and learning at DTU and it is therefore natural that the teachers themselves carries out initiatives of e-learning. There is a lot of exciting e-learning activities at the different DTU departments. LearningLab supports teachers and departments in carrying out and developing e-learning activities. We offer counselling and guidance to different e-learning tools and methods of teaching, as well as evaluation of e-learning. We often visit DTU departments to arrange seminars and workshops about e-learning. For example about how you as a teacher can implement e-learning in your teaching practice.

You are very welcome to contact the educational consultants if you would like professional guidance or inspiration to how you can use e-learning as a teacher.



You can write to ophavsret@dtu.dk if you are unsure of which copyright legislation that applies for your own e-learning material or if you have made use of the e-learning material of others. You can also read more at the website of the DTU library or at our e-learning toolbox website.

Booking of video production

All videoactivities is managed by DTU MediaLab. If you would like to book a videoproduction, please fill out this booking formula at DTU Inside.