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A Product Analysis Method and its Staging to Develop Redesign Competencies

Claus Thorp Hansen and Torben Lenau(Mechanical Engineering) developed a course model for teaching redesign competences over 8 years and among other things did a study of the relation between the products redesignes (household versus industrial) and grades for the final report. Publications on their action research includean article, a video pitch, and a slide show of a guided tour of their learning spaces.

Hansen, Claus Thorp;Lenau, Torben Anker(2013):A Product Analysis Method and its Staging to Develop Redesign Competences.In:Advances in Engineering Education, No. Special issue on Product Dissection

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Inductive Learning applied in the course Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Clara Velte(Mechanical Engineering) implemented active experimentation in a lecture based course and documented a substantial increase in student learning. She presented her teaching development at the 2013 SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education)conference and will publish her results.

See the action research pitch about Inductive learning in the course Experimental fluid dynamics


Developing and disseminating an e-learning course at DTU

Merete Badger, DTU Wind Energy, presents the development of an online course and shares course layout, teaching and learning strategy, and the information and publication strategy for the course.

See the video on WAsP(=Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program): A training course on wind energy

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You can see more examples of action research into own teaching by DTU faculty on the Action Research page.
6 JUNE 2020