Collegial Supervision

Collegial supervision is a way of developing as professional teachers by observing teaching and talking about teaching. It can be done with two teachers, or with an observer along.


It consists of a process with three central activities: Pre-observation, the actual observation and post- observation. Each activity has its own agenda:


Pre-observation: As a preparation for the first meeting a discussion paper made by the teacher to be observed can be very relevant. In this paper the teacher describes e.g. the class, the course, his/her expected teaching activities, his/her expectations and experience with the class so far, reasons why he/she has planned the way he/she has, what he/she would like observations to focus on. Whether or not a discussion paper is prepared, it is in the first meeting that the teacher and the supervisor discuss the teaching plan and its context.


Observation:  The supervisor then observes the teacher and uses the instructions given in the pre- observation (what to look at, what to pay special attention to). The supervisor may take notes on what happens in an objective form, maybe even with a time notification on when it happened.


Post observation: This meeting analyses and concludes – now we know what happened. It is the teacher’s reflections on what the observer saw that is central. Also, a discussion on how the new insight can be used by the observed teacher can be fruitful. The observed teacher is not meant to change everything that was observed or use every feedback from the observer – rather, a peer to peer discussion on teaching in general, based on the new insights, is the focus and purpose of the post observation meeting.

collegial supervision






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Longer videos on collegial supervision: AU, 2007.
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