Textbooks on Higher Education

English resources

Biggs, John; Tang, Catherine (2011): Teaching for Quality Learning at University. 3rd ed. Maidenhead, The Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)
Probably one of the most widely used book on university teaching, along with Ramsden (2003).

Elmgren, Maja; Henriksson, Ann-Sofie (2014): Academic Teaching. 1st ed. Lund. Studentlitteratur. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore not available)

Fink, Dee (2013): Creating Significant Learning Experiences. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore)
Inspiring American book on successful course design and teaching.

Hunt, Lynne & Chalmers Denise (2012): University Teaching in Focus - A learning-centred approach . Victoria, AUS, Acer Press. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore)
State-of-the-art textbook on alignment, learning outcomes, assessment etc. – all chapters written by renowned experts in their specific areas.

Mortiboys, Alan (2010): How to Be an Effective Teacher in Higher Education - Answers to Lecturer’s Questions. Maidenhead, OU Press. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore)
Hands-on “toolbox” textbook with short, experience based entries on what to do in almost every situation you can think of.

Prosser, Michael & Trigwell, Keith (2002): Understanding Learning and Teaching – The Experience in Higher Education. Maidenhead, The Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)
Deep/surface approaches are dealt with in chapter 5: Students’ Approaches to Learning. Chapter 4: Students’ Perception of their Learning Situation, discusses the relation between student approach and teacher focus.

Race, Phil (2006): The Lecturer's Toolkit. 3rd ed. London and New York, Routledge. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore)

Hands-on toolbox

Ramsden, Paul (2003): Learning to Teach in Higher Education, 2nd Edition, London, RoutledgePalmer. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)
Deep/surface approach to learning is dealt with in chapter 5: Approaches to Learning, but all of Part I (chapters 1-7) gives a good introduction to teaching with a focus on student learning.

Rienecker, L, Jørgensen, PS, Dolin J, Ingerslev GH (2015). University Teaching and Learning. (1st ed.). Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)

...if you want to dig deeper:

Bowden, John & Marton, Ference (2003): The University of Learning – Beyond Quality and Competence. London, Routledge. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)
Theoretical contribution to understanding learning in Nat-Tek environments as learning for an unforeseeable future, not solely learning for the profession.

Danish and other Scandinavian resources

Elmgren, Maja & Henriksson, Ann-Sofie (2010): Universitetspedagogik, Uppsala, Nordstedts. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore not available)
Omfattende og bred lærebog på svensk.

Rienecker, Lotte, Stray Jørgensen, Peter, Holten Ingerslev, Gitte, Dolin, Jens (2013): Universitetspædagogik, Frederiksberg, Samfundslitteratur. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)
Omfattende og bred lærebog skrevet af 32 danske undervisere bl.a. på universitetspædagogikum.

Ulriksen, L. (2014). God undervisning på de videregående uddannelser: En forskningsbaseret brugsbog. Frydenlund. (DTU library / DTU bookstore)

...if you want to dig deeper: 

Jank, Werner & Meyer, Hilbert (2006): Didaktiske modeller – Grundbog i didaktik. København, Gyldendal. (DTU library not available / DTU bookstore)
Modeller for al undervisning – skrevet for lærere.

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