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Are you looking for information and materials on teaching and learning? There is lots available, and on many specialized topics of higher education and Engineering disciplines, as well as university teaching and learning in general. Resources on this website are selected by LearningLab as relevant and practice oriented. There are many (web-)resources on university teaching and learning, so consider this website as a qualifying starting point only.

Resources are categorized  by the following criteria:

  1. Pedagogical topic (e.g. Teaching and Learning in Engineering Education / teaching methods / assessment)
  2. Media (scientific journal / web resources / textbooks)
  3. Language (English / Danish and other Scandinavian languages)

Please choose on which topic you would like to get more information:


    Furthermore we provide you with an overview of discipline-specific journals which focus on educational research and publish peer-reviewed papers within that field (e.g. Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering). Apart from that, you can download a list of all scientific journals which are listed on this SoTL website here. This also includes journals in Higher Education, Engineering Education, selected teaching methods and assessment which are not discipline-specific.

    If you would like to get more hints and tips for how you can find further resources, please have a look on the following pages:
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