Teacher Training Programmes & Courses

LearningLab DTU offers a number of courses on university teaching with special focus on engineering education.

Teacher’s training and teaching development at DTU is based on the idea of “Scholarship of Teaching & Learning”. In brief, this means that you as a faculty member work professionally with continually develop and improve your teaching practice. This implies:

  • to gather evidence of the effects your teaching has on student learning
  • to systematically and with a critical approach analyse your teaching and your students’ learning processes and outcome
  • to share and discuss knowledge and experiences about teaching and learning with colleagues
  • to build and expand your knowledge foundation of learning theory and engineering education. 

Read more about “Scholarship of Teaching & Learning”at DTU and get inspiration to your teaching practice.   

You are always welcome to contact the staff at LearningLab DTU if you want support and advice to your teaching and course design.

Are you new in your role as a university teacher?

Then you are welcome to attend Education in University Teaching at DTU - UDTU. UDTU is an introductory education in university teaching and learning. In focus is how to educate engineers. UDTU is mandatory for you who are going to be an Associate Professor and/or are being responsible for a course at DTU.

You participate in UDTU when you are new in your role as a university teacher and hold a faculty position at DTU. UDTU train you to be able to have full responsibility for DTU courses and take the leadership in teaching and learning processes.

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Are you a PhD student?

As a PhD student you can participate in course 1 of UDTU: “Teaching Lab”.

If you have participated in course 1 and after your Ph.D. period are hired in a faculty position at DTU you sign up of UDTU course 2 – 3.

Learn more about course 1”Teaching & Learning” and sign up.

Are you an experienced university teacher?

If you have long teaching experience at university level and have been course responsible for some years but are missing a structured training in teaching and learning, you are welcome to participate in “University Pedagogy for Experienced Teachers” (UP).

UP is currently under re-development. New content, structure and dates will be published here on the LearningLab website as soon as it is ready. If you wish to enroll in advance, you can contact course coordinator, Rikke Byrsting Jakobsen, ribyr@dtu.dk.

Do you want to improve your supervision of bachelor and master students?

Supervision of students working with larger projects is an essential part of the teaching activities at DTU, and accordingly, quite an effort is put into supervision. The aim of this course is to strengthen supervision as a teaching activity at DTU and provide some tools to make the supervision more effective.

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