Programme for PhD supervisors

PhD projects form a substantial part of the research at DTU. Therefore it is crucial to ensure success in every PhD project - so that the PhD student develops into a competent researcher, and so that the project generates high-level scientific results. The PhD supervisor has a decisive role and key responsibility for the progress of the PhD study. 

The aim of this program is to provide the supervisor with the practical tools needed to supervise PhD students (at a high level) - emphasizing both the scientific content and the personal aspects of the dialogue.

The target group is PhD supervisors and assistant supervisors.

After this programme you should be able to:

  • Structure a PhD supervision process 
  • Create a positive and constructive PhD study environment 
  • Handle the personal aspects of the supervision process, including supervision styles, motivation, constructive feedback, and peer coaching

The programme consists of 2 courses:

Registration on the individual modules

Questions can be addressed to
Ditte Rytter Krofa, PhD Coordinator, Office for PhD and Continuing Education, tel. 4525 7868,  or
Course Coordinator Rikke Byrsting, tel. 4525 1120,