Introduction for Educational Supervisors

It is important that new employees in VIP-positions at DTU get a good and efficient start as teachers. Therefore, each department has educational supervisors.

The assignment for the educational supervisor is to:

  • Support and guide the new VIPs about teaching at the department and at DTU
  • Make sure that the new VIPs receives a good and efficient UDTU-course (The introductory education in university teaching and learning for new VIPs at DTU)
  • Write a statement about the new VIPs’ teaching qualifications

Therefore, the educational supervisors follow a course, which is about the framework for the guidance of new VIPs, information about UDTU and new methods for educational supervision.

When you have participated in the course, you will be certified as educational supervisor.

The course consists of:

  1. Introductory meeting about educational supervision at DTU:

    Objectives, methods and frameworks for educational supervision at DTU.

  2. Workshop:

    Part I: Teaching Portfolio.

    Part II: Assessment of teaching competences and preparation of a statement about teaching qualifications

  3. Workshop about peer-coaching:

Learning conversation, constructive communication and feedback

Practical information

  • If you already have participated in UDTU it is mandatory to participate in the introductory meeting as well as in the second part of the workshop about assessment of educational competences and writing a statement (about 1,5 hour).
  • If you have not participated in UDTU, it is obligatory that you participate throughout the whole course.
  • If you have previously participated in one or more workshops in the course for educational supervision, it is possible to supplement by participating in those parts you have not participated in yet. Please contact us to get the status on your personal certification.

If you have any questions please contact Learninglab DTU - or Course Coordinator Rikke Byrsting,

The course is free of charge for participants from DTU.


The next course is expected to be held in the Autumn of 2021.