Education in University Teaching at DTU, UDTU

UDTU is an introductory education in university teaching and learning with focus on how to educate engineers. UDTU is mandatory for you who are going to be an Associate Professor and/or will be course responsible at DTU.

The overall objective of UDTU is that you acquire knowledge, methods, and tools that enable you to teach with proficiency at university level. UDTU also provides you with tools to continually develop your teaching practice and to enhance your understanding of student learning and its prerequisites.

UDTU trains you to be able to have full responsibility for DTU courses and take the leadership in teaching and learning processes.

You participate in UDTU when you are new in your role as university teacher and hold a faculty position at DTU.

If you are newly employed in a faculty position at DTU, UDTU is part of the introduction to teaching at DTU for new faculty members. For further information please see:

You must contact the pedagogical coordinator at your department as soon as possible after you started in your faculty position at DTU and before you register for UDTU. It is your department's decision whether you can participate in UDTU or not. See who is your pedagogical coordinator here.

Time and place

UDTU Autumn 2020 

Introduction Meeting

20 August, 2020, DTU Lyngby

Module 2

23- 25 September, 2020 - Residential course, Pharmakon, Hillerød

Module 3

4-6 November, 2020, DTU Lyngby, Building 101

Module 4 From 7 November, 2020 to 7 November, 2021
UDTU Spring 2021 - Enroll here

Introduction Meeting

Date will be announced

Module 2

3-5 March, 2021 

Module 3

3-5 May, 2021, Residential course, Pharmakon, Hillerød

Module 4 From 5 May, 2021 to 5 May, 2022

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