University Teacher Training Programme at DTU

UDTU is an introductory education in university teaching and learning with focus on how to educate engineers. UDTU is mandatory for you who are going to be an Associate Professor and/or will be course responsible at DTU.

The overall objective of UDTU is that you acquire knowledge, methods, and tools that enable you to teach with proficiency at university level. UDTU also provides you with tools to continually develop your teaching practice and to enhance your understanding of student learning and its prerequisites.

Learning objectives

After completion of the UDTU programme, you are able to:

  • Plan, develop, and evaluate student-centered and learning outcome-based teaching at DTU.
  • Design a DTU course using an innovative teaching method and didactical tools to support student learning.
  • Design a DTU course using constructive alignment, assessment and formative feedback to support student sustainable learning.
  • Contribute to the development of courses and educational programs at DTU.



Progression through UDTU
The teacher training programme at DTU, UDTU, consists of four courses and 2-3 elective workshops. You progress through UDTU from Course 1 to Course 4 and it is not possible to enroll in a course before the previous course has been completed.

Enrollment in Course 1, Teaching Lab, is done separately and Teaching Lab can also be taken as a stand-alone course.

Enrollment for Course 2-4 is done collectively, and when you enroll you also agree to follow the course progression and dates and times for the three courses. It is mandatory that you have completed Course 1 before enrolling in Course 2-4.

  1. Teaching Lab
  2. Designing a DTU course
  3. Assessment and feedback
  4. Teaching and Learning development project

You can choose to participate in Elective Workshops at any time during UDTU, but you must complete at least 2 workshops before doing the capstone project.

Practical Information

The estimated workload of the UDTU-programme is 250 hours. The educational programme can be completed within one year. 

Literature will be available during the UDTU-programme.

Teachers and facilitators
Teachers in UDTU Course 1-4 are Educational Consultants from LearningLab DTU.

Further Information

If you want further information or have questions about recognition of previous teacher training courses please contact: