Video presentations on Distance and Online Teaching and Learning

A wealth of inspiring online teaching and learning activities is being carried out at DTU. These videos show examples of some the ingenuitive and creative ways that members of DTU faculty are approaching online teaching and learning. Some videos are recordings of live presentations, while others are produced in advance.

Presentation by Dean Lars D. Christoffersen

Panel Discussion

Track 1: DTU Learn use cases and best practices

Using DTU Learn to engage students in an online self-study course, Ulf Molich, DTU Chemistry

Video based assessment for student learning, Martin Rygaard and Hjalte Jomo Danielsen Sørup, DTU Environment

The combined use of DTU Learn, Teams and Power point, Valentina Bisinella, DTU Environment

Track 2: Migrating from physical to online teaching and learning

Online Teaching using Adobe Connect and pre-recorded lecture podcasts in a well-structured way, Stefan Trapp, DTU Aqua

Lab Exercises with Remote Controlled Robots, Ivano E. Castelli and Rune Christensen, DTU Energy

Materials science – Retaining the “detective task” in online inquiry-based learning, Luise Theil Kuhn(presenter), DTU Energy, Marcel A.J. Somers, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Henning Friis Poulsen, DTU Physics, and Rodolphe Marie, DTU Health Tech

Track 3: The Scholarship of Online Teaching and Learning

Survey of experiences of online teaching at DTU Compute in the Covid-19 period, Frank Skov Kristensen, DTU Compute

Assessment of Online Learning Environment for Academics as Reflective Educators: Methods and Underlying Concepts, Md Saifuddin Khalid, DTU Compute / LearnT

A survey of experiences with distance and online teaching in DTU Mechanics' courses, Claus Thorp Hansen and Ann Bettina Richelsen, DTU Mechanical Engineering

Track 4: Student experiences of online teaching and learning

Student´s Self-reported Performance & Challenges During the Spring Lockdown, John Paulin Hansen, DTU Management

Online teaching and learning from DTU students' perspective, Søren Sandgaard (President) and Andreas Baltzer Skov (President-elect), Polyteknisk Forening

Introduction to engineering studies at university during a pandemic, Theis Bo Harild Rasmussen, DTU Electrical Engineering

Prerecorded presentations

Træt af at filme dig selv op i næsen, når du underviser?... Online undervisningsstand - Studie 3

Online teaching in experimental material characterization-MikkelsenLP