Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

A guide to improving teaching and student learning performance through Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) is a framework for you as a university teacher to develop your teaching as well as ensure the quality of your teaching.   

By using the tools in Scholarship of Teaching & Learning you can find your own way of working systematically with continuous improvements of your teaching. You develop effective ways to support your students in their development of engineering knowledge and competences. 

If you like you can also participate in the ongoing discussion on how to develop Engineering Education by publishing the results of your work in relevant peer reviewed journals, present at conferences and in webcasts etc. In that way you can improve even more as well as help colleagues doing so. Scholarship of Teaching & Learning gives you opportunities to     

  • Develop and improve your teaching practice through systematically scrutinising your own teaching practice and evaluating how the way you teach supports your students’ learning 
  • Read and learn about the growing body of research based knowledge in the field of teaching and learning in Higher Education, and specifically Engineering Education.
  • Publish and present your findings and share your experiences with colleagues, at DTU, nationally and internationally, on different occasions where teaching and learning in Higher Education and in Engineering Education is discussed. 

LearningLab DTU and DTU Library offers support, materials and sparring for everyone who wants to work in a scholarly way to improve their teaching. 

Welcome to the SoTL website. Explore the material and you are always welcome to contact us with your ideas, suggestions and requests.

In the following video Martin Vigild (former Dean of Bachelor Studies DTU) introduces the meaning of SoTL for DTU: