A Peer Coaching Method

The following method is a well tried method. It works with at least three teachers and even up to 8 or 10 – with more persons though, it takes longer. We use these guidelines in the programme at UDTU.

For every round there is a problem - or challenge owner, a coach and the rest are observers. The role of the problem owner is to present his or her problem to the group and to evaluate the suggestions brought about by the group and the problem owner him- or herself: The coach has the role of coaching the problem owner. Observers are expected to ask questions in the beginning and give advice in the end together with the coach.

The process goes like this for one round with several observers:

  1. Problem owner presents the course and challenge that he/she would like to work with(5 min)
  2. Everybody writes questions incl. problem owner (5 min)
  3. A round – everybody presents their questions (10 min)
  4. The peer coach takes over (15 min)
  5. Everyone offers advice and explores alternatives (10 min)
  6. Problem owner evaluates the suggestions: What might work? What kinds of action will follow? (10 min).

The problem owner is free to use any of the suggestions or advice from the group – and naturally is also free to reject them. The point in the last phase is merely that the problem owner responds to all the well-intended advice or suggestions.

It works even better if the coach during the round of questions (3) takes down a few keywords. This could be used in the coaching (4) afterwards. There is no time to write long sentences, only keywords.

The estimated times for each phase are only meant as guidelines. And again, if you are more than three persons be prepared for a longer process.

6 JUNE 2020