Yet, there has not been published much on Peer Instruction. Thus, all different types of references are summarized in the following section.

Scientific papers

A list of Eric Mazur's publications on peer instruction can be found here. The professor of physics and applied physics at Harvard University was the first to describe peer instruction systematically.

Beatty, I. D., Gerace, W. J., Leonard, W. J., & Dufresne, R. J. (2006). Designing effective questions for classroom response system teachingAmerican Journal of Physics, 74(1), 31.

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Web resources

SeriousScience (2014). Peer Instruction for Active Learning – Eric Mazur
A video with Eric Mazur about the motivation and the beginning of peer instruction. (13:56min)


Mazur, E. (1997). Peer instruction - A User's Manual, USA, Prentice Hall. (DTU library DTU bookstore)
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