UDTU structure and content

UDTU consists of 4 modules which should be followed in the right order.


The first three modules all contain pre-assignments and 3-4 course days. The course days in Module 2 are a residential course and the course days in Module 3 are held at DTU Lyngby Campus.

The fourth module consists of a larger project in which you work with design and develop a course you are teaching yourself or are associated with. The project in Module 4 you plan yourself. It’s a prerequisite for the project that you are either teaching an entire course or a longer consecutive sequence of a course. If you have concerns regarding this request, please contact the responsible for UDTU (see information below).

In order to pass UDTU you need to choose and fulfil a ”supplemental activity”, in which you go deeper into a specific are within university teaching and learning

After UDTU you are supposed to be able to:

  • Explain  the most important prerequisites for student learning in Higher Education
  • Set up learning objectives for a course in order to support the development of engineering disciplinary knowledge and competencies
  • Identify core elements in a course curriculum related to the learning objectives
  • Design a course with teaching and assessment methods that support students’ deep approach to learning and match the level of the learning objectives
  • Test students’ pre-knowledge and learning outcome in a course
  • Analyse and critically evaluate the impact of a course design on student learning
  • Generate new ideas of how to develop and improve teaching by using evaluations of own teaching practice
  • Use methods to continually develop your understanding of teaching and learning

The total estimated workload of UDTU is 250 hours. The education should normally be completed within 1½ years. UDTU is taught in English.

Before you start on Module 2 and the following modules you participate in an introduction meeting about UDTU as a whole.

” Teaching for Quality Learning at University” by John Biggs & Catrine Tang is used as course literature. The book is handed out during the introduction meeting for UDTU.

Course leader in UDTU Module 2-3 is Senior Executive Educations Officer Nina Qvistgaard, DTU Aqua, together with DTU educators.

If you want further information or have questions about recognition of previous teacher traning courses please contact:


30 MARCH 2020